Call of Duty Zombies APK + MOD + DATA [*Latest & QUICK Download*]

Call of Duty Black Ops – Zombies is a 2011 mobile game from Call of Duty franchise and sequel to Call of Duty Zombies. Idea works Game Studio developed the game and launched on December 1, 2011. Call of Duty Zombies apk delivers a Zombies experience like never before seen on mobile devices including the original map of Call of Duty Black Ops called ‘Kindo der Toten’ and 50 levels of ‘Dead-Ops Arcade . Let us have a look at the below informative showing up what we are going to cover up this time regarding call of Duty zombies . Along with game apk download many interesting points are being covered up as shown below .

Features of Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies:

For this amazing game let us see some extraordinary unknown features available as listed below. Many of the features specified below will make it stand out from all the other normal gaming applications. Find out the exact details below:

black ops zombies apk

  • Many features, upgrades and maps are added in the game further. Players can play single campaign or a multiplayer with adding up to three other players which uses the new Voice Chat feature.
  • Dead-Ops Arcade mode is an arcade-style top-down shooter perfectly suited for mobile combat vets. Moreover, players can unlock this mode by simply finding the four missing coins in the game menus.
  • Kino Der Toten is much like its console/PC counterparts with the exception that its central stairway changed into two ramps that go in two directions and meet back up. All doors, perks and weapons cost the same amount of points as on console/PC for call of duty black ops zombies apk 2shared .
  • Players can use in-game currency for barricade doors, windows or new weapons. New sections of each stage opens as player’s progress through the increasing enemies in call of duty zombies apk mod . Players can use several touch control touch schemes but they all revolve around virtual joypad for movements, firing, lobbing grenades, crouching and other actions.
  • Players can buy CoD points in the Main Menu to use when they run out of earned in-game points. Those points can be spent on anything in the game and they lost if the app is uninstalled from the mobile device for call of duty black ops zombies apk revdl .
  • Game allows 4-player multiplayer and also voice chat feature for both mobile platforms. Also, it features ranks based on Experience points. Players now able to play as four characters – Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Doctor Richtofen. But, in the tutorial, the game features a rookie soldier to learn the skills.
  • New update released after two months which features Ray Gun, Monkey Bomb and SPAS-12. Also, player can continue the game from previous played sessions on single player campaign. Moreover, it includes an advantage to buy the weapons with real currency when the player doesn’t have enough game points.

Step-by-Step Guide to Download Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Apk, Call of Duty Zombie Mod + Data

Below we are clearly going to specify the step by step process to download the call of duty black ops zombies apk, black ops zombies mods and data to your device without any hoax. Follow the steps in detail one after another.

  • To get the download click here and please follow the reamaining steps below without fail .
  • After the download is over completely for apk, mob and data from the link specified, extract the file using any file extracting software like WinRAR.
  • Now, you can see two files – apk, mob and data.
  • Copy the mod file and paste in Android to the call of duty zombie mod of your smartphone’s memory. Mob is the main file which includes all the data of the game.
  • Further, copy the apk file and paste in any file of your smartphone’s memory. Apk is the application to install the game in your mobile device.
  • Unplug the cable from your device and in your mobile, go to the folder at which the apk is copied.
  • Click on the apk, the game installs in your Mobile. Enjoy playing it…!!

Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Tips and Tricks:

  • During the completion of downloading call of duty black ops zombies apk 1.0.5 download you can leisurely have a look at below tips and tricks .Four players can fight against zombies on each map in call of duty zombies apk. Only target is that the player need to kill the zombies until they die.
  • Number of zombies increases with each round. So, the amount of players will affect the amount of zombies and other creatures that appear in the game.
  • The game starts with the player having 500 initial points and a pistol. We recommend to use knife in the first rounds instead of using the pistol. Zombies die with a single melee attack in the initial rounds.
  • If the zombies or any other creatures hit the player two to three times, the player knocks down. Also, after drinking Jugger-Nog, if a zombie hits the player five times, the player knocks down.
  • If the players were knocked down, they will lose any perk they had purchased. Teammates can revive the downed players within 30 seconds.
  • If a player dies, he can’t play until the next round. Further, if the player comes back, he/she gets the starting loadout (pistol, grenades and a knife).

How to Gain Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Points Easily:

Game awards points to the players for cod zombies apk shooting and killing zombies. If a creature or zombie is killed in a specific or special way with certain weapons, more points will be awarded.

  • If the bullet hits a creature, player gains 10 points in Call of Duty Zombies apk .
  • If the player kills a creature with a regular weapon, he/she gains 60 points.
  • Killing any creature with shotgun or grenade, the player gets 50 points.
  • If the player gets a headshot of a creature, he/she can earn 100 points.
  • Killing a creature by stabbing them with melee attack gives 130 points to the player.

Player can use those points to open the doors or clear debris to progress further in the game. Points can also be used to buy and upgrade weapons, activate traps and buy perks in Call of Duty Zombies apk .

How to Gain Experience Points or XP in Call of Zombies?

The players of cod zombies apk can also gain experience points to level up the black ops zombies mods game and unlock weapon kits. Players can gain those experience points by killing the zombies and also by performing certain actions.

  • Player can earn 50+ experience points (XP) if he/she survives round one of zombies. Each round will be multiplied by 50 XP i.e, if the player survives round 10, he/she can earn 500 XP.
  • Opening a door can earn 250 XP.
  • Moreover, if a player of Call of Duty Zombies apk  revives a downed teammate, he/she can gain 250 XP.
  • Completing tier 1 gives 500 XP, tier 2 gives 1000 XP and tier 3 gives 2500 XP.

We mentioned that the players can buy doors or clear debris by using the earned points in the game. It is necessary to unlock the doors and clear the debris in order to reach the other areas in the map for call of duty zombie mod. Also, some barriers are included in the game at some areas. Zombies will take down these barriers by ripping off before climbing through. If the players rebuild the barriers, 10 points will be awarded for each plank in the barrier (a barrier contains six planks).

So this extensive article is here to cover up all the required and important topics related to Call of Duty Zombies Apk mod download, black ops zombies mods, tips, tricks alongside many unfolded features adding to cod zombies apk. So with this detailed listing we hope this article will completely cover the sole purpose for the Call of Zombies game not only the download part but also the hack and tricks part . For any further additions or queries please do fill out everything in the comment box below so that we can respond back to you. Happy gaming .


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