Download Temple Run for Laptop – Windows/MAC OS and Quick Tricks for Winning it .

Temple run for Laptop is one of the most talked about and popular video games in the recent times. It became so interesting and widespread just because of its simple and easy way of game play. Temple run is introduced 2011 by Imangi studios. Eventually it has become a huge hit in mobile video game history.

In this article let us have a detailed and clear understanding on Temple run for Laptop game, how to exactly play temple run for Laptop game, and downloading temple run for Laptop in your windows/Mac PC and adding to this we are going to introduce you with some tricks to play temple run for Laptop game.
Basic Game play of temple run for Laptop game:
As the game has in its game it is just about the player will be running with the idol (which will be by default present from the starting of the game). There will be no end for this temple mode the player needs to run in no limit continuously. Meanwhile he needs to save himself from dangerous forest gorilla and has to gather the coins in the path of running. Player should be very careful he should not get into hold of the wild gorilla.
How many levels are present in temple run for Laptop game?
In this temple run for Laptop game exactly speaking there will be no specific levels. But as the time goes by the player will come through various new powers like coins in different formats which will give better advantages, different formations with flame and rocks which will gain the player. The player will go on getting better advantages time to time. So the farther the player reaches the number of points gained will define his powers.

Steps for Installing Temple run for laptop Windows/MAC OS PC /Desktop :
1. First and foremost of all to create a application gaming platform in your PC download Blue stacks application in your PC from here.
2. As soon as the installation gets ready, then double click on installation tab and start following the installation steps one by one as leaded.
3. As soon as the download is complete it will ask you to login. You can use your Google account for that.
4. As soon as everything is complete then open the blue stacks application just as u open any application like word from your PC. In the Blue stacks application you can search for ‘Temple run’ in application search button.
5. Select the application and install it. Remember this single download of blue stacks in your PC will help you installing many Google play store applications. Blue stacks will act as a platform for installing applications.

Here we are with simple tricks to play Temple run for Laptop in a better way . The below mentioned tricks will help you play the game faster and better.

  • Trick 1: Gain yourself beforehand by gaining free points and gems :
    Yes you are reading the right thing; you can actually gain the points and gems in advance. This will be happening by liking the temple run for Laptop page in Facebook, twitter and in all social media sites.

temple run for Laptop

The official temple run team will allot you points and gems in advance to your temple run account.

  • Trick 2: Trick to pass the cliff easily: Passing the cliff initially by seeing it is a sort of confusing thing but be thoughtful and strategical while doing so . What you need to do is first find the safe side of the cliff and while you are in the air jumping tilt towards the safe side so that you will land easily. It sounds tricky but once you get used to it you will win.
    And by now the download should be successfully complete. Happy gaming. Please get back to us by commenting if there are further queries. We will always be happy to help you.

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