Indian Games – 5 Ultimate Brain Games available in India (For Android)

Indian games has a large scale history where many historical and efficient games are introduced. In India gaming has become a common way in which people are refreshing these days. Irrespective of the age specification mobile has reached to all the zoners. So in this article we are here to help you find the most popular and best brain storming gaming applications that has been released.

We hope our list will help you not only find most popular indian games but also the best brain storming application s. so in this way you can have leisure time enjoying your indian games and also you can sharpen your thinking methodologies.So in a single shot your brain can be sharpened and your time will be spent efficiently. Let us quickly go into the catalog.

1. Can You Escape
Basic game play:

The main game strategy in this free Indian games is player need to be able to get out of the room by cracking all the puzzles you come across the Indian games. Player need not go anywhere he can just stay in the room and he needs to keenly observe all the clues that could be possibly available from the game. As a middle ware we can see a lot of small mini games which we need to crack to get into the next room.You can download this game from google play store in your android mobile .
Brain storming part: So as explained the simplicity of the game made it go towards millions of users. Can you escape is simple and user friendly game .
2.Unblock Me Free.
Basic game play:
This is another fantastic brain storming game which is even easier to understand. The only thing the player needs to do is to free the red block. This can be done by moving the remaining blocs. And the games strategy is to free the red bloc in most minimal moves which will take you through the winning part.For downloading this game in google play store from android mobile .
Brain Games
Brain storming part: Though releasing the red bloc sounds simpler the basic game plan lies in making the least number of moves .
3.Flow Free.
Basic game play:
Flow free is an effective brain thinking game where player needs to just fill in the similar color dots. The main logic in this game is the player should not cross the lines in the square box given to him. Though filling similar color dots may look easier but the main game logic lies behind the user filling the similar color dots without crossing the lines. To download this fun game download in google play store to your android mobile .
Brain storming part:So you can give a work to your brain by easily linking the dots and applying logic without crossing the lines. You have to be faster to move in further levels in this game.

4.Brain It On.
Basic game play:

As the name itself says the game makes you brain it on. This is one of the high level android games available in recent times. For playing this game player needs to have 4.0 or more version android. The game will basically have to crack some day to day life scenarios which will needs to be cracked by the player to go to the next level of the game. There will be many case puzzles given to the player which will exactly be your brain churner. This has made Millions of users to download this game. Download this game from google play store in your android mobile .
Brain storming part:
So as the game will have simple day to day logics only it will look simpler but it really is a brain logic definer. You need to be able to crack the clues even it looks well known for us .

5. 3D Chess Game
Basic game play:

Who doesn’t like the most famous indoor game chess? This game is already strategically developed from the ancient war logics. Chess game will not only make you do the logical thinking but also makes you develop high standard and strategical ways of war games. 3D chess will offer you play the historical game in a real time mode.Download this game from google play store in your android mobile .

Brain Games
Brain storming part: Player should be very keen in getting accustomed to the virtual game plan here. Whereas applying the logics remain same as in chess .

Thank you for visting the website. We hope all the games listed above help you find you best brain game. If you know any new brain games like this please do comment.

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