Top7 Magical Puzzle Games that will instantly Boost your Thinking Speed

Puzzle games will be eye catching for most of us many times. Because we all want to have the entertainment and knowledge boosting at the same time. With this article we are here to give you the magical top 7 puzzle magic games available . So , with no delay let us go into details .

1.Word Search Puzzles:

This is a famous puzzle magic games where you have to frame a word according to the letters provided to you. This will not only boost your thinking process but it will also increase your English word diction. Through this word puzzle game you can increase your thought process by remembering the words you know and instantly increase your brain skills by fastly memorizing them. In the same process you can learn all new words as well.
We can mention this as one of best games that we can play at any place. This game is available in all android mobiles in google play store and people belonging to any age can play word search game and efficiently develop their skills . this is already very famous game downloaded by millions of users .

2.Tic Tack Toe.(you can enjoy playing this magic games with your mates ):
Tic Tack toe is a two player game which you can enjoy playing with your close mates. This game will be very simple where the two players have to gain over each other by implementing fabricated and thoughtful strategies. Added advantage in this game is both the players can create their own themes.
Because of this customization feature and its ability to team up people this game is downloaded by at least 50 million players till now. So Tic tack toe one good fun giving and friendly puzzle game.This game is available in all android mobiles in google play store.

3.Maze King (You can play this magic games in multiplayer mode):
Maze king is very famous game where player will have to pass all the levels by solving the puzzles in each level. so each level will be having different difficulty levels of playing . In this game player can experience a wide range of puzzle gaming. Added pro for maze king is you can play the magic games in single player and multiplayer mode.
With its versatility and different game mode levels maze king puzzle magic games has made it possible for the player to experience all levels of puzzles. You can even make it competitive by playing in multiplayer mode where you can challenge your offenders. This game is available in all android mobiles in google play store.

4.Brain Teasers and Logic Thinking:
If you are someone who is very fond of mathematical puzzles then brain teasers and logical thinking is the best platform for your zeal. This game has 75 different brain logical and mathematical puzzles. The difficulty level increases one by one in the levels. It is available in all android mobiles in google play store.
From an educational perspective and personal perspective this is one of the finest apps available. Not only logical thinking even mathematical abilities will increase with this gaming application. Till now nearly 5 million players have installed this app which shows it credibility.

5.Chain Reaction:
Chain reaction is a very nice puzzle game where you need to create and build your army of circles. Along with puzzling strategy chain reaction will make you able to play with the enemy game and win it. To boost the power player just need to click on the circle. The main game plan lies in defeating the which the prayer creates. Enemy team with the circle army. The chain game is available in android mobile which can be installed . This game is available in all android mobiles in google play store.

6.Pixel puzzle:
Pixel puzzle is a logic related game where player needs to be able to create the image specifies by cracking the game with number clues available to him. It is a pure mind game where the faster the player can trace the next strike by the number clues available the faster the image can be completed . The initial puzzle levels in the game are free whereas the next levels need to be paid and played. The pixel puzzle game will be available for all android platforms in google play store   .

It is a numerous and simplest game where the player needs to slide around 1’s and 2‘s to form 3‘s. Then the levels in the magic games go on with summing up the matches. This game can be mentioned as one of the most addictive games. As the levels increases the difficulty level will increase but the basic logic will be the same. No wonder with its combined simplicity and complexity this same pattern of game is applied to many other applications. Threes will be available in android  in google play store .Application is available even in IOS phones.

We hope our listing has helped you gain information on all famous puzzle magic games. If you know more games of this sort do let us know by commenting below .

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